Benefits of Mediation

Parties make their own agreements. In court the decisions are imposed on you by the judge.

Mediation is a low cost alternative and costs are controlled.

Mediation is a confidential process.  All court details are a matter of public record.

Mediation minimises stress, which helps your children.

The more protracted the process is the more your children tends to suffer.

You maintain your dignity by working together in a non adversarial setting.

Decisions in mediation can be reached in a short time frame – with both parties in control of the timing. This helps parties move on with their lives faster!

In court, decisions are protracted and proceedings can drag on, sometimes for years  – therefore continue to impact your life.  Mediation can be over in one day.

Sessions are scheduled at the convenience of both parties and the agreed arrangements can start immediately.  In court, you get a time allocated to you by a judge.