Parenting Plans

A parenting plan is a voluntary agreement  that sets out the parenting arrangements for children.  It usually covers the day to day responsibilies of each parent, practical considerations, ensuring it is workable and detailed.  It may include communication.

Parenting plans are not legally enforceable but can easily be made into a consent order and lodged in court. Once lodged in court, they are legally binding.

Property Settlements

Property settlements describe the division of assests (and liabilities) after separation.  If you are divorcing, you need to undertake your property settlement within 12 months of your divorce becoming final.

As a family dispute resolution practitioner, my role is to be an impartial person whose role is to assist you both in reaching an agreement.  I do not provide legal advice.
Once you and your ex-partner have reached a mediated in-principle agreement, I advise you to get independent legal and financial advice before finalising anything.

S60 (i) Certificates

From July 2007, any applications for a parenting order must include a s60 (i) Certificate.

As Michelle is an Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and registered with the Attorney-General’s Department, Michelle is authorised to issue these S60 (i) Certificates.

Child Access

Each parent has parental responsibility for each of their children until they reach 18.  This is not affected by any changes in your relationship.  This responsibility means all the duties, powers, responsibilities and authority which, by law, parents have in relation to their children.
Shared parental responsibility does not necessarily mean spending equal time with your children.

Legally Assisted Mediations

Sometimes people want to attend mediation with their lawyers – especially if they are coming to mediation for property / financial matters.

Having your lawyer present is often a more cost effective option that going to court.

Blended Families

More and more often, blended families are becoming commonplace with re-marriages and re-partnering.

While this may be a smooth and harmonous transition, this is not always so and mediation may be required to create harmony at home.

Sibling disputes

Unfortunately, other family members may be having disputes.  This could involve disputes on how to care for an elderly family member, or disputes between siblings.  Having an independent mediator can help families resolve conflicts, without the need for litigation.

Will / Estate Disputes

Death of family members can be a stressful time.  MSZ Mediation helps people resolve disputes about wills and / or estates.

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